Announcing five new chapbooks, a scroll and a (nearly new) magazine!

We at CANNOT EXIST are really, really happy about the appearance of these fantastic new things:

Five new books and an eight-foot scroll by some of our favorite writers
and, at long last,
the eighth issue of Cannot Exist magazine, produced for last fall's Wisconsin Book Festival and featuring a big handful of our state's most interesting poets.

Paul Baker's I=M=P=L=A=N=T
Rick Burkhardt's The Foreground
Kevin Ducey's Inferno
Jordan Dunn's Form 32
Susan Landers' Selections from Franklinstein
Anna Vitale's How We Know Who We Are

Cannot Exist no. 8: Some Wisconsin Writers

You can get them here via PayPal, or send a check to the address below (don't forget to add shipping if you do that).

Chaps are $5.00 each; the magazine is $6.00; the scroll is $7.00 (plus shipping for all these). For a limited time (like, for as long as they're in print), you can get all five chapbooks for $20.00, shipping included--OR the five books, plus the scroll, for $25.00 (shipping, again, included).

(If you're outside the U.S., shipping will be higher; we'll figure something out, still reducing it significantly for the big orders). 

Click on the links in the sidebar to the right for individual descriptions of the books (or to order individually), or click below to get the whole lot!

All five Spring 2013 chapbooks

The five chaps, plus the scroll

Send checks (made out to Andy Gricevich) to:

Cannot Exist
c/o Andy Gricevich
4454-D Hillcrest Drive
Madison, WI 53705

and add shipping (unless you're ordering all five books, or the five plus the scroll):
$2.50 for 1-2 books
$3.00 for 3-4
some wisconsin writers

Assembled in a flash to present some of the best of the upper midwest to attendees at the 2012 Wisconsin Book Festival, Cannot Exist 8 is now finally available to the world at large, with over 60 pages of work by:

Jeremy Behreandt
B.C. Brown
Ron Czerwien
Connie Deanovich
Kevin Ducey
Lisa Fishman
Lewis Freedman
Glen Frieden
Andy Gricevich
Roberto Harrison
Lisa Hollenbach
Richard Meier
Brian Mornar
Michelle Niemann
Edwin R. Perry
Cynthia Spencer
Chuck Stebelton
Rebecca Steffy Couch
Anna Vitale
and a foldout insert by Jordan Dunn

$6.00 (plus $2.50 shipping)

Jordan Dunn's FORM 32

Stretching over an eight-foot-long scroll, the latest installment of Jordan Dunn's ongoing "forms" project creates a synthetic voice unlike any other. With sincere irony, the work positions us in the intersecting lights of intimate address and icy bureaucracy, each calling the other into question without letting us decide which is which. A gorgeous, hilarious, incredibly strange work you will want to hang on every wall in the world.

$7.00  (plus $2.50 shipping)

or get all five 2013 chapbooks, plus Jordan Dunn's scroll Form 32, shipping included, for $25.

Rick Burkhardt's THE FOREGROUND

These meticulously sculpted, intricately woven poems reply with a resounding "no thanks" to the insistent invitations, masking coercions, issued by the market in its military, cultural, erotic and imagination-colonizing costumes. Burkhardt's satirical and haunting writing makes new thought-connections to displace the ones that won't leave us alone.  

$5.00 (plus 2.50 shipping)

Kevin Ducey's INFERNO

Kevin Ducey partners with Dante to condemn and mourn contemporary complacencies, lies, and antidemocratic nonsense in elegant and hilarious cantos whose liberties of translation spring from a sensitive and impassioned connection with the critical concerns of the original.  

$5.00 (plus 2.50 shipping)

Susan Landers' Selections From FRANKLINSTEIN

Drawing on language from Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography and Gertrude Stein's The Making of Americans, Landers takes us on a tour of Germantown, Philadelphia in which historical and autobiographical anecdote, site-specific story, and a critical look at race and economic relations become conditions for a quietly questioning writing practice, seeking a form for the world.  

$5.00 (plus 2.50 shipping)

Paul Baker's I=M=P=L=A=N=T

A voice by turns gregarious, goofy, graceful, in-your-face and gently observant emerges from this side of a sieve of shredded translation and listening processes. Baker's debut brings disparate strands of culture and communication together and puts them in our everyday lives and engagements. 

$5.00 (plus 2.50 shipping)