Issue 3 is here!

Hooray! Cannot Exist no.3 is available!

It's a stupendous issue, with 50 pages of poetry by

Alex Burford
Mark Cunningham
Carrie Etter
Lawrence Giffin
William Gillespie
Kevin Killian
Mark Lamoureux
Bonnie Jean Michalski
Sheila E. Murphy
Andy Nicholson
Dirk Stratton

Now that we've had the chance to read it as non-editors, it's blowing our mind with even greater oomph.

Like the first three issues, it features a glossy wraparound cover with odd art (in this case, by the editor), over a cardstock cover, saddle-stapled and assembled by hand in Madison, Wisconsin. As with previous issues, the materials are all acid-free and (except for the cardstock) partially recycled, and all the printing was done at Lakeside Press, our local IWW printing co-op, where even the neighbors are friendly enough to refrain from yelling at me when I block their driveway as I run inside to pick up the copies.

All this for a mere four bucks, plus shipping. Send a check to the address below, or buy it via PayPal.
Subscribe, and get the first four issues for a mere $15. Oh, such good poetry.

Submissions are open for issue 4 (to come out in December), and will remain so through October 31st. Click the link on the sidebar for guidelines.

All the best to you all!

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Cannot Exist
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