Reading: Andy Gricevich and Rick Burkhardt in Madison

Andy Gricevich and Rick Burkhardt will read unusual,
often political, sometimes humorous poems this Sunday
at Avol's Bookstore in Madison, partly in celebration
of Cannot Exist magazine. Hope you can make it!

Sunday, April 6th, 2 p.m.
Avol's Bookstore
315 W. Gorham St. (@ State)

Andy Gricevich and Rick Burkhardt

Andy Gricevich edits CANNOT EXIST, a poetry magazine
and small press in Madison. His poems and essays have
been published in numerous print and online journals,
most recently in "Pinstripe Fedora," "Dromedaries" and
"EAOGH." He occasionally posts ruminations on his
blog, "Otherwise," performs regularly with the Prince
Myshkins and the Nonsense Company, and is
uncomfortably writing this in the third person.


Give up, my dear
this rack of heat
holding the bubble of your room.

No poet wants to know
what you kind of
feel embarrassed about.

Their concern
is with the bee
that pushed through

where the screen meets the window,
with sweet maple and cops
sweeping up for the holiday…

drowning the clatter of coins
shaken in a paper cup this
weighted season. Leave

the shrug of resignation
to the experts,

Operation Voltage
the lineup
and the gale

Rick Burkhardt is an award-winning composer, playwright, poet,
and songwriter whose music and text pieces have been
performed throughout the US and in Europe, Canada, Mexico,
Australia, and New Zealand by a wide variety of theater and music
ensembles. His poetry has been published in Mirage (A Periodical), admit2,
and Cannot Exist.

Once again the news told us
it had shocked the world. But it was

a new millenium: the paperboy shuffled
his briefcase to the office, squinting nervously away

from potential customers.

Keeping a promise.
"Making good on" it.

A photograph holding a photograph that says
"Have you seen me?"