Contributors' Bios and Links for Issue 1

Rick Burkhardt's "Great Hymn of Thanksgiving" is frequently performed in its entirety by The Nonsense Company.

Ben Grosser has some photos of more paintings on his site.

Arielle Guy edits Turntable and Blue Light. Her chapbook, Gothenburg, can be purchased here.

Lisa Jarnot has a groovy website.

Laura Sims lives in Madison, Wisconsin. Her second book, Stranger, is forthcoming from Fence Books in 2008.

Rodrigo Toscano's latest book, Collapsible Poetics Theater, was a National Poetry Series 2007 winner. It will be published in 2008 by Fence Books. Toscano is the artistic director and writer for the Collapsible Poetics Theater (CPT). His polyvocalic pieces, poetics plays, and body-movement poems, have been performed at the Disney Redcat Theater in Los Angeles, Ontological-Hysteric Poet’s Theater Festival, Poet's Theater Jamboree 2007, and the Yockadot Poetics Theater Festival. Toscano is originally from the Borderlands of California. He works in Manhattan at the Labor Institute, and lives in the township of Brooklyn.